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The photos are listed by order of date of being taken (newest first).
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Gryff General view north Lakes & Housing View North of Garden Festival Wales View south Garden Festival from Waunlwyd Lakes, bluffs & sky shuttle Overall View Overview of top 'In Nick of Time' - In Action No. 1 Time Dancing View from Sky Shuttle No. 1 Festival Lake Sky shuttle View No. 2 An Eagle Gardens Fireman Sam! Gryff Just before opening Eagle again Sky Shuttle View No. 3 Northern End (Sky Shuttle view No. 4) Closing Festival Train going across bridge Old Trams Gryff having yet another ride! HTV & Sky Shuttle Festival Lake Opening Festival Marching Parade for Opening Cutting the Ribbon Flower Dragon Lake The Gardens Eagle Waterfall Arch & Lake Woodlands Centre The Lake Arch What an Artist! I'm Watching You Overlook Brick Dragon The Toboggan Arg! I be watching you! Up for a Splash? Get Closer What a View! Obelisk & Homes of the Future Constantly Running One Festival, One Steelworks Is that me in there? Hut! Lakeside Steelworks Stairway to the Stars Hut Bottom Fields